Our #1 goal at Hilltop Ford is to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase experience and service; before and after the sale. Here is what some reviews and testimonials from our customers had to say:

"Best service advisor ever

Matt at Hilltop Ford is Awesome! Best service advisor ever! Professional, great listener and very helpful. I highly recommend Hilltop Ford and Matt. I have the service plan and come in for my routine service and get nothing but the best. Can't wait to go back!
Julie M., from Yelp


My wife and I both sold our only car to purchase the all new Ford Maverick 2022. Yet we ran into a few technical problems with the battery and were worried about the additional costs that would incur. However Hilltop Ford Services assured us that everything was under warranty and would be fixed fast and at no cost to us. I was surprised by the amazing service Matt DeTorres and Robert Mora did to take care of our truck and not only did they inspect the battery but also made sure that all other areas were operating correctly. The lead technician, Norm, helped us understand what was going on and was able to give me daily updates on what was happening. Our experience with Hilltop Ford Services has been spectacular and we will always recommend anyone go to them for their car services.
Mac H., from Yelp

"I will be going back"

I had some damage to one of my 2021 F150 tires and needed a new tire quickly. I showed up at Hilltop Ford without an appointment and was greeted by Kimberly. Very nice person to deal with and knew exactly what tire I needed, with a great price. within a couple of hours my truck was finished, cleaned and ready to go.
I know it was not a lot of work I needed done but after this I will be going back for other service.
Bob M., from Yelp

"Great experience"

It is always scary walking into a dealership but I am very grateful to have someone like Jonathan help me out while I was there and made sure I was well taken care of when purchasing a new vehicle. He made sure I got the best deal possible and everything I wanted in my vehicle. Glad to say I had a great experience and good customer service at Michael Stead's Hilltop Ford.
Lucia L., from Yelp

"Wish I can give more stars"

Probably the only review I have ever written where I wish I could give even more stars.  My sales rep AnNisha was absolutely amazing in putting together a very efficient process in securing the car I wanted, and had me in and out of the dealership within an hour. AnNisha was incredibly knowledgeable about the car, and helped me learn the ins and outs of my first electric vehicle. AnNisha really helped me feel confident in buying the right car. The sales manager came out to greet me and answered additional questions I had about the ev rebates swiftly. The finance manger was also able to complete the paperwork more efficiently then any one I have ever worked with. From start to finish, this is hands done the best experience I have had in buying a vehicle, and I would happily drive the 90 miles back to continue to do work with Hilltop Ford.  Highly recommended to any one who wants a fun and great experience buying a car.
Steve R., from Yelp

"Process was pretty painless"

We ordered and purchased a Mach E 2023 through Hilltop. The service was great and the purchasing process was pretty painless. All the staff, including our sales rep, Shawn, and the finance manager, Garnett, were really easy to work with, respectful, and helpful!
Rosie P., from Yelp

"So Knowledgebable"

Yesterday, me and my honey went to hilltop Ford to purchase me a Mustang Mach E premium. The young lady that helped me pick out and choose a car was awesome. Her name is Shawn Patton she was so knowledgeable patient and just a all-around great person. After the purchase she took me out to the vehicle and help me program Everything explained all of the bells and whistles that came with the car. She was really awesome. I recommend her for anyone who is looking to purchase a new car from hilltop ford to go with her
Candace Z., from Yelp

"Great To Work With"

My partner and I just purchased a 2023 Mach-e Premium from Hilltop Ford today. The process was fairly smooth. We felt taken care of the minute we walked through the door. We would definitely recommend asking for Shawn Patton. She was great to work with and was good at bringing in other team members like, John Tomahn, to help us through the process.
Nayiba H., from Yelp

"Hilltop Ford Is The Only Way To Go"

How many times have you gone out of your way to avoid the dealership?  No longer be fearful....After my FANTASTIC experience at Hilltop Ford, not only will I schedule all my maintenance at this location, but on Monday I left saying to myself, that the service was so OUTSTANDING that it's worth buying my next vehicle from this location.  From the time I called in, followed by the "Red-Carpet-Treatment" that Matthew Detorres, my advisor gave me, I felt heard, well-taken care of and knew Hilltop Ford was extremely knowledgeable with the needs of my vehicle.  Within 3 hours, they were able to contact my company's Fleet holder to gain approval to proceed with a recall, repairing my front headlight, oil change, tire pressure & as a free bonus, washed and vacuumed my car in less than 3 hours.  Matthew, kept me updated while I waited in their clean and friendly lounge, enjoying coffee and free snacks.  Overall it was the BEST vehicle repair experience I have ever had.  Hilltop Ford is the ONLY WAY TO GO!!!
Kara B., from Yelp

"Process Was Fairly Smooth"

My partner and I just purchased a 2023 Mach-e Premium from Hilltop Ford today. The process was fairly smooth. We felt taken care of the minute we walked through the door. We would definitely recommend asking for Shawn Patton. She was great to work with and was good at bringing in other team members like, John Tomahn, to help us through the process.
Edward Q., from Yelp

"Very Patient"

Great customer service by AnNisha Booker from my initial phone call until closing on my Bronco Sport!! I initially called Hilltop ford after shopping around for a vehicle in a couple other dealerships where I was met by hostility, passive aggressiveness, and persistence. AnNisha answered my phone call and gave me detailed information regarding their inventory and offered to send me photos of the vehicles before I even visited. On the lot and in the pouring rain, she showed me the different trims and took the time to explain and demonstrate the differences. When I requested additional info, she took the time to work with me and find the offer that best met my needs. She never pressured me to make a deal and wanted to make sure I had 100% clarity. She is definitely someone that you can trust and is very patient. I highly recommend speaking with her if you are ever on the market for a new car!!
Stephanie M., from Yelp

"Hilltop Was Excellent"

I ordered a 2023 Mach E from Hilltop as I could not order it in Sacramento.   The service at Hilltop was excellent!   Shawn was extremely knowledgeable and responsive.
Angie M., from Yelp

"Someone You Can Trust"

I went to Hilltop Ford for a service for my Ford Maverick and I was helped by Marciolionis Coin, he was the Best!!! He's professional, extremely nice, and helpful. He supported me with the issue that was having and I knew that he was gonna make sure that they looked at my truck with care !!! If you need service go see and ask for Marciolionis Coin! Someone you can trust!!!!

The service team is great too, the manager is really helpful Myron Mason!!!

And they offer me a ride home with the nice Michael Jones!!!
Mac H., from Yelp

"No Tricks and No Surprises"

Purchased a used 2020 Ford Explorer from the team of Rickey Page and Ronn Coleman. I live 2 hours away and we set the base lines for my trade in and cost of the Explorer. Both Ricky and Ronn had agreed and stayed true to the base lines upon my arrival. No tricks and no surprises on the purchase of the car.
Paul E., from Yelp

"Listened and Answered My Questions"

MARCIO LIONIS COLN (I hope I spelled his name correctly).  

Best customer service man, ever.  He didn't leave me sitting in the waiting room (for an extended period of time), wondering if my truck was done. He came and gave me updates, twice!

He looked at me, LISTENED and answered my questions.

He has a job to do AND handle customer service. He did a phenomenal job because he was able to hold two thoughts at one time. First thought: I gotta get my job done.  Second thought: I have to take care of my customers needs and not be distracted by my job. There are very very few people who can be totally present for a customer, be kind AND get their job done...all at the same time.

I had a special request (I needed him to take a look at my license plate). He was efficient, quick and kind and honest. That's what I needed, honesty.

This is the kind of guy that is going places, needs a raise and will ALWAYS be a valuable employee of Ford.
Thank you for reading!
Catherine S., from Yelp

"The Best"

Edgar Perez and John T. were the best. Great customer service and I got exactly what I wanted.
Karen A., from Yelp

"Super Patient and Friendly"

I recently had my best car buying experience at this dealership! Shawn Patton, specifically, was really easy to work with. She didn't pressure me at all, just showed me all the features of the vehicle. In the past, it was like pulling teeth to get info or the salesperson just didn't know anything about the car. Or they just didn't care bc they assumed I wasn't going to buy. She was super patient and friendly while we waited for financing to go through. She even waited with me which was a first for me. In the past, the salesperson always left me waiting alone at a table somewhere. Thank you, Shawn! And thank you to the rest of the staff at Hilltop Ford for an overall, easy, low key car buying experience.
Xavier M., from Yelp

"Stress-Free Car Buying Experience"

We had a stress-free car buying experience at this dealership. The showroom is super clean and the restrooms as well. We would recommend this dealership to anybody.
John A., from Yelp

"Customer Service Was 10 Stars"


In the car business and customer service to me it's important.. my raptor had some lights come on for power train, I was worry it was the transmission but after taking the truck to Matt Detorres and with his team they were able to find the problem, a wiring harness got too close to the exhaust and melted m..... that's better then a transmission lol .... but the customer service was 10 stars ... and I will come back for any other services ... keep up the good work Hilltop Ford and crew
Kevin P., from Yelp

"Veterans This Is The Spot"

I do not have good things to say about Hilltop Ford in regards to the purchase of a new vehicle.  That story you can find under my previous reviews.  This review is for the professional and fantastic people at the Ford Service Center located at Hilltop.  I have dealt with Dave there since the purchase of my 2018 Mustang.  I had an issue regarding my vehicle going into "Limp Mode" that was very puzzling and confusing.  

Dave ended up taking this issue all the way up the chain to the Ford engineers as the code displayed was not one they had previously encountered.  My beloved Mustang was there for two days and the situation was finally resolved.  I am a US Army Vet, veterans this is the spot.

Staff at Hilltop could have ripped me off and charged me I would have not known.  Instead my oil was changed, tires rotated and situation with he codes brought to a conclusion.  I have not had the problem repeated.  Thank you Dave and all the staff at Hilltop Ford.  If you need servicing on your Ford vehicle take it to these top notch pros.  I am soon going to be switching out my instrument cluster to the digital type.  I know where to go for this Hilltop Ford Service  BRAVO
Rob S., from Yelp

"Whole Team Was Excellent"

Put a deposit on a f150 lightning last year. Sean helped me through the order process and gave me etas throughout the whole 1 year process. Shawn in sales helped out getting the truck prepped and paperwork complete.

Took delivery of my truck yesterday and couldn't be more excited, whole team was excellent.
Tolao S., from Yelp


I called last year about 10 dealerships before I called Hilltop Ford and Shawn answered the phone and she answered all the questions I had and asked me to come in the order my Maverick Hybrid Truck. She didn't rush me she didn't try to have me order things I didn't wanted she listened to me and made it easy. It took awhile for my truck to get in and she was very very patients with me. If I was going to buy a new car again from Hilltop Ford which was also FANTASTIC I will  only ask for Shawn's for a sale person to help me. So with that if you want a honest salesperson to help you or your family please ask for her she WILL NOT let you down She will make you feel  happy that you made the right decision.
Marion G., from Yelp

"Everything Was Transparrent"

I had used the Hilltop Ford services before, but only for oil change. My car needed an ignition repair, but I was not sure if I would do it there. If it is wasn't for Matt DeTorres, I think I wouldn't have. He assisted me and he was kind, transparent, fast and very communicative. He was VERY honest about what my car needed and also how much (including taxes) it was going to cost, he calculated it to a T, and I was lucky to get some discounts! I left my car overnight and the repairs we done very quickly, by mid day the next day it was done! they sent a Lyft to my house to pick me up and Matt made sure to run the numbers again to make sure everything was transparent. It was such a great service that I wouldn't hesitate getting other repairs with the assistance of Matt DeTorres at Ford. Thank you!!
Mariana P., from Yelp

"Will Definitely Go Back"

I usually hate buying cars but not this time! Shawn Patton welcomed us, listened to our needs and made it all so breezy. The whole team seemed lovely and will definitely go back in the future for any car needs. Thank you Shawn and Ford team!
Lotta H., from Yelp

"A Rock Star"

After waiting anxiously for months to find the perfect car, AnNisha at Hilltop Ford called us late in the afternoon to let us know that she had our car.  When we said we'd be there that day to pick it up, she didn't hesitate, even though it would mean a very late night.  When we arrived, she made sure we test drove it, and then walked us through all of the features of the car.   After our last buying experience where the salesperson at a different dealership only gave us the keys and didn't do any explanation or setup, AnNisha was a delight and very thorough to make sure the car was set up properly for us and we understood how to change the most important features.   We finally walked away 2 hours after the dealership closed with our new car and very much love it!  AnNisha and the rest of the team didn't complain a bit about being there so late.  Thanks AnNisha for being a rock star! 
Tracy K., from Yelp

"So Impressed"

What a welcome surprise when Hilltop Ford Repair staff Gile White took a special interest in addressing my car issues. I came in once again to fix my heating shield which was hanging down. Mr. White looked into the history of the car, saw that I had a recall that needing taking care of. I do have to come back to permanently fix the heat shield, but how many times can you walk away from the dealer with your car fixed for nothing. I was so impressed and so grateful with the service I recieved from Gile White at Hilltop Ford.
Janny C., from Yelp

"My 5th Vehicle From Hilltop Ford"

Out with the old, in with the new! Leon and Garnett always listen to my needs. This is my 5th vehicle from Hilltop Ford. I only trust them to listen to my needs and handle me with there great customer service. I had the pleasure of Having John as my salesman today. He took me on a few test drives to make sure I was happy and satisfied with my purchase. He never rushed me to make a decision. Hilltop Ford wins me over with there genuine service again! Thank you so much guys! I'm a happy customer!
Netty Bo M., from Yelp

"Not Pushy"

A few weeks ago
A was able to purchase the car I wanted with the help of EDGAR..
He was great , not pushy and actually listen to what your saying .
I would definitely recommend him
Sara S., from Yelp

"Helped Us Throughout the Whole Process"

Ordered and bought a new 2022 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid. Shawn Patton helped us out through the whole process and was very helpful and friendly. She answered all our questions and most importantly was good about being honest with us. We felt like we got a fair price and the car came with no issues. It did take a very long time (about 4 months) which was annoying, but that's just the car market today so no knock on the dealership for that.
Kyle K., from Yelp

"Funny and Honest"

This review is long overdue - Trent Clevenger was fabulous! We placed an order for a Ford Mustang Mach-E in April of 2021, and he was very attentive and responsive to all of our communications and check ins as we (im)patiently waited for our car to be produced and shipped to Hilltop Ford. Finally, in December, we got the call! Trent was easily the best person I've ever worked with in the industry. He was accommodating on when we could make it to the dealership, and he made us feel welcome and comfortable during the whole process - knowledgeable, funny, and honest. I will recommend him to anyone looking to get a Ford. So lucky to have worked with him!
Sarah G., from Yelp

"Regarding our Mustang Mach-E"

Shawn Patton, our sales rep, was an absolute pleasure to work with regarding our purchase of a Mustang Mach-E. These EVs are hard to come by right now but Shawn was completely on top of keeping us apprised of the availability of new stock and made sure we were notified when our car eventually became available. Knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and keen to answer all our questions, she was diligent in finding us purchase terms that worked for us and eager to make sure we were satisfied with the transaction. It's thanks to Shawn that we're glad we chose to purchase from Hilltop Ford.
Serge A., from Yelp

"Excellent Service"

I'm so happy with my new Ranger! John Tomahn has continued to provide excellent service and is responsive to every need I have with all this new to me technology. Super pleased and super impressed. I will not hesitate to use Hilltop Ford in the future!
Jessica J., from Yelp

"Easy and Hassle Free"

I had the salesperson Shawn Patton. I can genuinely say that she made our car buying experience easy and hassle free. She wasn't pushy at all and got us what what we wanted and more without the going back and forth that all the other dealerships do. Thank you so much for making our car buying experience quick, easy and hassle free. I would definitely recommend her to any first time buyers.
Norma A., from Yelp

"5-Stars Service"

We were looking for a truck and we visited so many places, and only at Ford Hilltop auto-mall we got an amazing 5-stars service! Luis Vasquez was the specialist that helped us on deciding for the car selected and he was beyond than incredible, all the knowledge he shared with us and so many honest recommendations, he and Sean ( the financial specialist) got us an amazing deal for our F150!!!! Important to mention that Before we got there we visited other famous site near them where the service was deplorable, and by seeing how the service was at Ford Hilltop auto-mall made us think how incredible they do their job!! thankssss a lot Ford Hilltop auto-mall!!
Monty C., from Yelp

"Best Experience"

I just bought my Maverick--it was a tough long wait but it was worth it!!!!! Thank you Hilltop Ford for honoring everything that I had coming from when I ordered. I want to personally thank my sales person Shawn Patton for all the help and patience. She didn't rush me or try to get me to buy things I didn't want. She spent the whole morning with me to make sure I understood everything. Since this was my first new purchase, I feel this was the best experience I could have!!!

If you ever need a vehicle, reach out to Shawn Patton at Hilltop Ford Richmond Ca
Mac H., from Yelp

"Very Attentive"

Your internet sales manager Trent Clevenger is amazing. He has been very attentive and responsive to all of my communications over the last several weeks while attempting to get the exact Bronco Sport that I wanted. And he came through! I am very happy with my purchase and with the overall experience at your location. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Trent is easily the best person in the industry that I've had the privilege of interacting with over the last 15 or so years. He made my fiancé and I feel welcome and comfortable during the whole ordeal. So much so that when she is looking to get a new car we will be coming back to this location.
Phillip B., from Yelp

"Class Act"

This review is long overdue! But back in April of 2021 my man Raoul helped make a dream come true when he sold me my brand new Subaru BRZ! Raoul was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help me purchase my car from the very first message i sent him. He was able to hold the car for me for a few days while I sorted out flights and a hotel as I was coming all the way out from Los Angeles to purchase the car. He's truly a class act and embodies everything a salesman should be and almost a year later I could not be happier with my car. Thank you to Raoul and everyone at Hilltop Ford for helping make this happen.
Alex C., from Yelp


Stopped by hilltop ford to check out a ranger I found online, Trent greeted us with a warm welcome. He was very helpful, efficient and had a great sense of humor. Would have trusted my sale with him, but unfortunately I was looking for a model they did not have in their inventory. Check out hilltop and ask for Trent for an honest salesman.
Annie C., from Yelp

"A+ Ford Dealership"

As we all know going to a car dealership can be a stressful experience because of high pressure sales, financing worries and long hours of negotiating. I have purchased at least half a dozen cars in my life time through different dealerships and for the first time I had a stress free experience at Michael Stead's Hilltop Ford Kia. It was the best dealership experience I have ever had. I ordered a 2021 Ford Bronco way back in February. Production delays pushed my deliver of my Bronco until December. I have finally taken delivery of the brand new Ford Bronco and I love the my brand new vehicle. Maria Ferro at Hilltop Ford Kia did a great job at communication and updating me about my order. Questions and emails I had sent to Maria were answered promptly. Not only the communication was excellent the purchase went as smooth as silk. Maria is an outstanding representative. Also a shout out to "B" at financing as he did an outstanding job as well. I would highly recommend purchasing your next car at Hilltop Ford Kia and hope that you have a great experience like I did. I am looking forward doing future business at Michael Stead's Hilltop Ford Kia as they have now gained a long time customer. A+ Ford dealership
Chris M., from Yelp

"Best Customer Service"

Hello everyone,

Just like the sunset in this background the service at this place is beautiful! Very helpful and understanding, the sales Consultant is Great!!!'  This is a place, definitely a place to go if your looking for a car! Life isn't always easy but when you meet humans like John Tamahn then you will definitely count your blessings in life! A good role model for a good company! People have bad experience everywhere no matter what, it's part of life so when you see bad reviews like the ones on here don't let that doubt effect your decisions! All Im going too say is if you had a bad day why let it ruin your life! Time is precious and John is one of the blessing  in life! A very hard working and understanding MAN!!! Never give up! Best of luck to John Tamahn!!! ONE OF THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAD EVER HAD! THANK YOU!
Mikie P., from Yelp

"Gave Us The Best Deal"

It was a lovely day today. Checking out for my first car! John assisted me, my mom, and my friend. He is very welcoming to us and very clear on all the details about the information we had to know before we buy one. And gave us the best deal for our situation. Now, I can't wait to get my first car keys!
Enrico B., from Yelp

"Service Team is Very Professional"

The service team is very professional and helpful. Previously was dealing with a technical issue with my new car and the team (especially the Service Manager, Ryan) was very relentless in helping to get a fix from Ford. Just took in the car for a routine mileage inspection and had it back within a hour. Definitely would recommend checking them out if you are purchasing or need your car serviced.
Ryan M., from Yelp

"Very Transparent"

Luis and Jose were great to work with. They were very transparent about the pricing of my new Ford. I would recommend them to friends and family.
Samantha M., from Yelp

"Super Helpful"

Trent and Shawn were amazing, super helpful, and ensured we were buying the car we wanted. I wouldn't just recommend going to Hilltop Ford, I would suggest asking for either Trent or Shawn to assist with your buying needs!
Elvis H., from Yelp

"Listened to Every Detail"

I was very pleased with the help I received from the sales agent Annisha! I was browsing and looking. She greeted me with a smile. Was a very patient person and listened to every detail. She wasn't a pushy sales rep. She was able to answer all of my questions without any problems. Thanks for your help!
Brittany L., from Yelp

"True Care For Customers"

Martin L. is an outstanding Service Advisor - service with smile and true care for his customers; if you're looking for someone with exceptional customer service, he's your guy! I highly recommend him. I had a screw puncture in my tire and since I had 60K on my tires, I made the decision to replace all 4 tires. When I first spoke to Martin on the phone he was friendly, thorough and covered all the questions I had. Luckily they were able to accommodate me on the same day. I took my car in and although he was helping another customer, he excused himself politely and took a moment to introduce himself to let me know he'd be right with me. The check-in process was smooth and seamless. After a few hours, he called me to say that my rear brakes needed replacing (which I completely appreciated). Since I had the pre-paid maintenance (I HIGHLY recommend with any Ford purchase), the brakes were covered. Martin called me to let me know my car was ready. He explained all the paperwork, the service that was completed and I had inquired about a price match guarantee on my tires, which they were able to honor (thank you to the Service Manager). I had considered taking my car to a random tire place, but then I wouldn't have found out that I needed rear brakes and then I would've had an added out-of-pocket expense. As a long-time Ford owner, I've ALWAYS trusted the dealership for any of my maintenance work. My experience with Hilltop Ford is always top notch; and now that Martin is in the Service Department, he's definitely raised the bar! Thank you Martin! P.S. I asked Martin to save the screw that was in my tire so I could see it and he could have easily forgot that small detail, but he didn't. He proudly handed it to me at check-out! Kudos to Martin for remembering!
Tisha F., from Yelp

"Quality Professional Friendly"

Quality Professional Friendly Sales Service Kudos to Staff Sales Team J,C.,  Terrance and B for Outstanding Customer Service and Support to get the deal transaction complete. 
Mr. B J., from Yelp

"Straight Forward Pricing"

Johnathan sales agent was delightful to work with he's very knowledgeable and insightful. Smooth transaction and straight forward pricing. We are happy with our purchase.! Ask for Johnathan and he will make the deal happen.
John C., from Yelp

"Very Efficient Organization"

This is for the service dept.   Very smooth and easy to get our
transmission replaced on an emergency basis.  Car was
towed in yesterday and picked up it today!  Also
it was covered under our warranty!  They even did
a multi-point inspection at no charge.  Everyone
was super helpful from the ladies who scheduled
our service we very friendly.  Very efficient organization!
Sheila C., from Yelp

"Super Helpful"

This is for JC of sales. He was super helpful and spot on.  We were just about to buy a new mustang from him when my wife suddenly changed  her mind and want a Lexus. Argh!!!
Adam G., from Yelp

"The Only Dealership Service Department I Would Ever In Life Trust"

This review is for the Service Department and the real deal nice guys who run it. Holy Moly, where do I even begin? First of all, this is the ONLY dealership service department I would ever in life trust taking my truck to. We already had a good relationship with them since I had been taking my truck here for routine needs, OEM parts etc. But when the big motherload of transmission replacement came necessary, WILLIAM AND RYAN came through BIG TIME. These guys went above and beyond my expectations. They handled calling Ford in Detroit,MI directly with my needs, got business handled, and took excellent care of my baby. I am not going to lie any big purchase or big mechanical job makes me nervous when it's not my husband doing the work himself but this had to be done by Ford and was done in good hands. These guys are REAL, they're down to earth, straight shooters, and know the work they do and actually talk to you with real respect unlike other service departments with their memorized "it has to be done" take it or leave it attitude. If you're like me and your truck is your baby just know you can trust this place as long as these guys are running the show. Ryan and William, thank you SO much and please don't ever leave! You guys ROCK!!!
Amie P., from Yelp

"5 Stars"

5 stars. We were in and out with a 2021 Bronco in less than an hour, Ray was our salesman and had everything finished over the phone and ready to sign. 100% would recommend this amazing atmosphere.
Tomi P., from Yelp

"Most Helpful and Transparent"

Yesterday 2/13/21 i purchased my first ever Vehicle and have to say 'B' was by far the most helpful and transparent salesman i encountered. From the moment i first inquired about a specific mustang to the moment i drove 6 hrs to purchase it. 'B' was very patient , and helpful with all the questions i had regarding the vehicle , its condition, and pricing. Very easy to work with and would definitely recommend him to anyone especially to a new buyer like myself. Thank you once again B and Hilltop Ford, for making my first time experience feel comfortable.
Ronnie P., from Yelp

"A Great Place To Buy A Car"

Hilltop Ford is a great place to buy a car. Ask for Ray he is a honest sales person. Ray looked after me I found me a great deal without applying any pressure or sales gimmick. Even down to the finances department who walked me through the process and answered all of my questions. Great experience will highly recommend going to Hilltop Ford.
D. Moseley M., from Yelp

"A Returning Customer"

Today I thought purchasing a car was going to be a long boring exhausting experience but I was wrong I came down to hilltop fort and soon as we walked on the lot we were agreed it by Ray who is one of the best Sale associate to ever make this experience extraordinarily amazing.

So if you're looking to purchase a new vehicle for whatever reasons I recommend go down to hilltop for ask for Ray he will give you the best experience that you could ever have When it comes to purchasing our leasing a vehicle.

Sincerely a very happy customer and a returning customer.

RoseMary Smith
Thank you Ray, again!
RoseMary S., from Yelp

"All Your Questions Answered"

The car buying process is long & somewhat stressful. Wouldn't you love to have someone that has almost 40 years of experience under their belt that can make sure all your questions are answered? Luis is the Best he makes you feel so welcome and you know you're getting truly the best deal and to make sure of that Noel does all the financing footwork. These 2 were the greatest, our experience from start to finish was seamless & our family has a vehicle that we can fit comfortably in & love.
Paula H., from Yelp

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