We know it, Ford knows it, owners know it — the 2018 Ford Fusion has a lot to offer. The 2018 Ford Fusion is not only a stylish, peppy drive, it’s a midsize sedan that makes a whole bunch of safety and comfort features standard in even the base models.

Today let’s start with the basics: how to pair your phone to your Ford Fusion and how to use Apple CarPlay. In this brief how to video, Hilltop Ford service team member Trent helps get you started.

Set up 2018 Ford Fusion Bluetooth for iPhone

Once you pair your phone to your 2018 Ford Fusion you’ll enjoy easy access to your phone’s contacts, messages, and media.

  1. On your Ford Fusion’s info display touch screen, select the Phone icon from the bottom toolbar, then select the Add Phone button.
  2. On your smartphone, select Settings and turn on and select Bluetooth. Once you turn your phone’s Bluetooth on, your phone will search for your Ford Fusion’s SYNC system, this may take a moment. Select Ford Fusion once it appears on your phone’s screen.
  3. A prompt will appear on both your Fusion’s info display touch screen and your phone screen. Confirm the PIN — a six digit number — that appears on your Fusion’s touch screen is the same as the PIN that appears on your phone’s screen. This ensures you’re connecting your phone to the proper system. If the PINs match, select Yes on your touch screen and Pair on your phone. This will then pair your phone to your Fusion.
  4. Once paired, a prompt will appear on your phone asking you to allow your Fusion access, select Allow. This allows your Fusion to fully pair with your phone, meaning your contact names and numbers, music, and messages will all be available.
  5. Once paired and allowed, a prompt will appear on your Fusion touch screen telling you that the pairing was successful. This prompt will also allow you to turn on 911 Assist. 911 Assist is a standard safety feature that will call 911 for you if you get into an accident, as long as your phone is connected and 911 Assist is turned on.

How to Use Voice Commands in the 2018 Ford Fusion

Handsfree driving is a safer way to drive and it’s easy to do thanks to Voice Command.

  1. To access Voice Command, simply press the Voice Command icon on the right side of your steering wheel. The Voice Command Icon looks like a profile of a face with sound waves coming out of it.
  2. After pressing the Voice Command button you’ll hear a beep and your Fusion say, "Please say a command." On your Fusion’s display touch screen you’ll see your command options, such as Contacts and Messaging.

How to Use Apple Car Play

Another popular question Fusion drivers ask is how to work Apple CarPlay. With Apple CarPlay, iPhone users can load all their maps, music and more directly onto their Fusion’s display touch screen. The cool thing about Apple CarPlay is that it mirrors your iPhone’s homescreen, which makes it familiar and easy to use.

  1. To start, connect your iPhone to your Fusion with a USB cord; there’s an outlet directly below the display touch screen.
  2. Once your phone is plugged in, a prompt will appear on your Fusion’s display screen. Once the prompt appears press Continue and Agree. By pressing Agree you give your iPhone access to your Fusion’s Apple CarPlay.
  3. Once access is granted, unlock your iPhone. Once your iPhone is unlocked, your Fusion’s display screen will change to the Apple CarPlay homescreen. The Apple CarPlay homescreen uses the same familiar icons as your iPhone homescreen and allows you access to all compatible Apps on your iPhone, such as your maps, messages, music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. Just tap the icon and use the app just as you would on your phone.

If you have any questions about synching your phone or connecting to Apple CarPlay, stop by our Ford dealership in Richmond. Speak with service team member extraordinaire Trent or another member of our team and will get you connected in no time.

There’s a lot to enjoy in the 2018 Ford Fusion and we’re here to help you make the most of it.

Talk soon!

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